Microdermabrasion is an anti-aging treatment that leaves one with a healthy glow by exfoliating dead skin to allow an influx of healthy skin cells. It is accomplished using diamond encrusted tip caps and gentle suction to produce mechanical exfoliation which removes the dead skin cells.

Microneedling therapy is a process that uses tiny, medical grade needles to create microchannels in the dermis of the skin. This intentional ‘wounding’ stimulates the skin’s healing response, which leads to the production of collagen. Additionally, a peptide serum is simultaneously being infused through these newly created micro-pores, which further activates the skin to produce new elastin and support materials, resulting in plumping and firming the skin. This procedure is commonly used to treat fine lines, uneven pigment, dry skin and laxity.

Crystal Free Microdermabrasion

  • Less aggressive than traditional crystal microdermabrasion
  • Diamond encrusted tip cap gently exfoliates the outer layer of dead skin cells
  • Accelerates new skin cell growth resulting in a healthier appearance
  • Vacuum forces help increase circulation and enhance collagen growth

microdermabrasion derma_after

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  • Surgical grade microneedles creates channels in the dermis (skin) to infuse high grade serums
  • Stimulates a natural response to increase collagen and fibroblast activity resulting in plump, hyrdrated skin
  • Different serums available for different skin types and indications (Rejuvenate, Growth Factor Plus, Lightening, Acne, Hydrating)
  • Minimize fine lines, stretchmarks, hyperpigmentation, sundamage, scares, pore reduction, acne, and uneven skin tone

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