Hemingway Medical Spa is excited to announce the release of a new membership program that gives client’s major perks at a discounted monthly rate.

The Hemingway Botox Membership is a year-long subscription that provides you with discounts on many services, but particularly Botox. With the membership, you will enjoy discounts on dermal fillers, laser hair removal, skin care products, SculpSure, PRP and microdermabrasion and microneedling. There are also 3 FREE treatments of microdermabrasion or microneedling valued at $525.

This membership is ideal for those who are already Botox regulars and also for those who are planning to. Not only would you be receiving discounts on the treatments you are already doing, you would also be getting the advantage of additional services for less, which would complement the Botox. Take advantage of the dermal fillers to help with volume loss and elevate your daily skin care regimen for a comprehensive rejuvenated look!

The membership cost is $99 per month, and includes:

– 28 units Botox every three months

– Three complimentary treatments of Microneedling or Microdermabrasion

– 10% off additional units of Botox

– 10% off dermal fillers

– 20% off laser hair removal treatments

– 20% off skin care products

– $500 off one SculpSure treatment area

The discounted and complimentary services are valued at around $2,195.00 and your yearly contribution would be around $1,188.00, and this does not even factor in savings on all of the other services. What a deal!

In September, Hemingway Medical Spa will be WAIVING THE REGISTRATION FEE  ($249 value) of the Botox Membership. This will be offered to those who attend our Fall Open House on September 14,2017. Please visit our Facebook or Instagram page for further details on our upcoming Open House.

For additional information on the Hemingway Botox Membership, please call 587-521-0667, or email info@hemingwaymedicalspa.com